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Hi and welcome to my blog.

I'm an aspiring animator and digital artist. I've finished my two year animation and visual effects course at Learn2 Digital Media Academy, now Touchvision Training at the end of 2010.

You can view my showreel here:

You can view my final year animation here:

The first year focussed our attention on Autodesk 3DsMax 2009/2010 along with the Adobe creative suite 4 package. In addition we were given introduction into Toonboom animation software.  Our final year project was to design, model and render a vehicle built for the year 2075. I had the option of doing this or do industry work for a client. I chose the latter.

The client wanted to produce a 6 part mini series about alcoholism in modern society. The client wanted to tell a story of an infant stumbling upon some alcohol in the house. It needed to be comic, but with a serious message.

I set about creating a little baby character who sits and watch television while the parents are having a party in the kitchen/ dining room.
The baby hears some breaking glass and decides to investigate.

I produced this animation in Toonboom with some 3D elements modelled and rendered out from 3DsMax.
You can have a look at the animation here:

Unfortunately the animation never aired on television.

The second year at college we were tutored in Autodesk Maya 2011, Mudbox 2011 and some Nuke compositing which was mainly self study as this was not part of the course.

Our first term project involved designing a character, modelling and rendering it.
Here are some sketches and final renders of "nines" the ninja cat!

At the start of the second term we dove into rigging. This was a difficult and artistically strenuous time for me. Although the character ended up rigged, and animate-able I quickly realized that rigging wouldn't be my specialty. 

Here is a very short animation of "nines" in action after rigging and animation at the end of term two:

Along with rigging and finalizing the 2nd term projects, we started on our 3rd term team project. This was because South Africa hosted the 2010 soccer world cup and most, including our, training institution closed for the 5 week period.

The class of 12 were given a story by our lecturer. We had to develop the story through a production pipeline from treatment through to post. We had numerous industry master classes to help aid pipeline setup and manage. This was a very nice time for me as everyone on class were given a "lead" role. I was texture lead and loved every minute of it. Everyone on class helped with texturing, especially the ones that modeled the characters, but had to get final approval from their "lead." This was the case with everyone in class.

Here are some renders of models I textured, and some I've modeled and textured:

Have a look at the animation below:

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